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Welcome to WellnessInDurham.CA

Sleep Apnea - Restless foot syndrome, does this sound familiar to you? What are the causes, how does one get rid of it? Or do we have to JUST LIVE with it? These are questions a lot of us have and simply just LIVE WITH IT! Not anymore, contact a Sleep Expert. Has anybody ever showed you how to purchase a mattress? Contact a Sleep Expert. also provides a centre for wellness practitioners to list and showcase their practices, products, and services.  You will find that our pages are listed high on the 1st page of search engines like: Google, Yahoo, AOL. This means that your advertising dollars will be worth the expenditure. Our low charge will encourage you to be part of WELLNESSINDURHAM.CA because we are the only HEALTH & WELLNESS site with the people in mind! Go to Modalities.

We encourage our readers to send us their comments and approval on any service/practitioners they used; because your recommendation will carry a lot of weight. Your submissions can be viewed on the Stories page. Simply email us your experiences and we will look after the rest. (We reserve the right to edit content to suit WellnessInDurham's  regulations.)

Looking for an explanation of an alternative type of healing, visit Modalities.

We hope you enjoy your stay and invite you to check back often. New information will be added on a regular basis. Feel free to email us your suggestions, after all it is you who will shape these pages to their highest potential.

Pamela Jackson
Certified Biofeedback Specialist
Coaching with Buddhist Based Psychologies
Certified Hypnotherapist

quantum biofeedback


Juanita Parsons (R.M/R.P)
Reiki / Therapeutic Touch
Spiritual healing

Reiki, Theraputic Touch, Spiritual Healing

Sleep Country Bowmanville, On.

Sleep, Rest, Consultant

Online WorldPress

Worlpress, Freelance, worldpress

Pijat pronounced
Indo Head Massage
or Chair Massage

massage, chair massage, pijat, relaxing

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Home | About us | Mission | Modalities | Indo-head massage | Stress | CanIndo
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