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Mammie and Pappie - 1956

back row:
Pap, Mammie, Nan, Ron
Front row:
Vonne, Martin (CanIndo)
Rene, Bernhard, Joyce.
Picture taken at Hotel Naripan in Bandung.

CanIndo 2004

a few words in Ghanaian (Twi)
akwaaba - say: a-kwaba
means -- welcome

mede asi - say: medasi
means-- thank you

obruni - say: o-bruni
means -- white person

E te sen - etisen
means -- how are you

means -- friend




As long as I can remember, I heard the stories about our family, handed down from generation to generation. Mammie would tell us (my brothers and sisters) about our grand-parents from both sides. But more so about the Olenroots. There seem to be a sense of pride attached to that name and being an Olenroot. For example: my brother's ex-wife still uses our last name; both my ex-wives (specially my 2nd ex) are using the last name "Olenroot". My oldest daughter (Kelly) used her maiden name during her 1st marriage and only changed it when she married Alfie (her 2nd husband) on September 4/2004.
My cousin in Germany told me recently that his daughter has no intention of changing her maiden name to her husbands, and on and on we find that the name is prominent. Perhaps reading the Germany page may bring us to understand why!

These stories are imprinted in my mind and now that I live in Canada, I decided to make this web site. Now, not only my kids, but friends and all relatives can read about us and what or perhaps who made us what we are today. Of course, we are responsible for who we are today, but the make-up of our being comes from those people before us.
By now you may know that I am CanIndo. Many of my friends ask me what that means, well the word
"Can" stands for Canadian and the word "Indo" means Indonesian of European descent. I my case of Dutch and German descent.

Okay here is the blood line explained (finally):
From father's side: Opa Mathias (see Germany) married an African woman from Ghana (Ivory coast), Opa Johan (his son) married an Indonesian woman of Nias descent.
From mother's side: Opa Grüner and his wife were both Germans. In Indonesia their son married Oma Pauline (Dutch-Indonesian descent).

So, what does that make me ... German-African-Dutch-Indonesian.
Hope it is clear now! .
 I was born on March 24, 1950 on the Indonesian Island called Timor. In a small village called Atambua, West-Timor, my mother gave birth to a baby boy; and he was given the names Marthinus Franklin. It was clear that this baby would have a life with many ups and downs. Already at his birth, his siblings were fighting over who's turn it is and who is first to nurse him. You see, specially for the two older ones, a baby brother was better then yet another baby sister; and the two younger girls also preferred a younger brother.

Growing up I spend a lot more time with my 3 older sisters and their friends. Memories of my hair being done in a pony-tail, braided, wearing a dress etc. A wonder I was able to maintain being "straight"; but because of this, a chance to learn about the female gender. Well, look, no male can ever completely understand women, but at least I have a good understanding of what makes a woman a woman. (and this is not a pick-up line!)

The year is 2004 (October 31, Halloween day) and around 5 or 6 pm the kids will ring the doorbell and will say: "trick or treat" and at the door we will give them candies or fruits. Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, derived from a pagan festival. It is traditionally the night when ghosts and spirits have the power to roam the world. Halloween falls on October 31st each year.
At 7:30 pm I am going to church. I have been learning and trying to understand "Spirit" and I have been very comfortable at the Spiritualist Church. The principles are not to bad either.

I was married when I came to Canada in 1975. Had 2 daughters Raquel Jane, now 33 and Sacha, now 29 years old. In 1978 I became a single parent, my 1st marriage lasted 7 years. Their mother left us and I raised my daughters until 1985 when they decided to live with their mother in Toronto. In 1986 I became a father (again) and my son, now 18 years, name is Jonathan Pierre. His mother is Canadian and in 1998 we broke up (17 years); then I met a woman and we were together for 6 years. I was in sales and marketing, was involved with the community as a volunteer, worked with many political candidates helping them during their election, ran for local council in 1994 and in 1997 I received the Ajax Civic Award, because of my community involvement. I have always been a student of history, religion and just anything I am interested in. Now I have finally been able to find a career where I can do what I enjoy most. That is teaching (IT) and do Graphic Design. It took me about 6 years to be able to say this.

I live in Oshawa, just 30 minutes east of Toronto, only 2 blocks away from downtown. I don't really like the winters here (rather have the summer) but that will pass and after fall and winter there is always spring and summer to look forward too. So winter sports? ... Not really... Summer fun? ... yes! beach, park, waterfront, visiting other towns... love it! I often go to the Pow Wow's... the native Indians faire, lots to learn about their way of live; their dances, music, religion and art. More to come......


Dedication: This site is dedicated to the family, those who came before us and those who will be here after us; but specially the Olenroots. Thanks to the efforts of my cousin Frans Ohlenroth from Nijmegen-Holland, the relationship between the family grew to the point that reunions were held in The Netherlands. Frans was also very instrumental in gathering all, if not most, of the information during his trips to Germany and the many stories my parents were able to pass on to him before they joined the spirit world. With his permission I am translating his book for this site called: Het leven van Mathias Conrad Ohlenroth, by Frans W. Ohlenroth; translated: "The life of Mathias Conrad Ohlenroth".

Copy from: Het leven van Mathias Conrad Ohlenroth, by Frans W. Ohlenroth.
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