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  Indo head massage  "pijat" (pronounced - peageet)
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It was wonderful growing up in Indonesia with Indo parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles..., all with the knowledge of Hands-on Healing! And we were also surrounded with the native beliefs, the healing methods, the superstitions and all the colourful folklore that one can only experience in the Mysterious East!

Hands-on Healing and Herbal remedies

Hands-on Healing and Herbal remedies were things we were "born" with and the knowledge is passed on from generation to generation. My parents, specially my mother, told me stories of how the colonials were introduced to pijats to relieve the tension of conducting their daily businesses. Her parents and great-grandparents would have daily pijats, drink herbal medicine and have a total body massage at least twice a week. Of course we all became accustomed to this great way of getting relief from a headache or backache. Ever since I can remember my dad would give us a pijat. Let me explain what a pijat is.

In my family a daily Pijat is normal. We believe it will boost our energy levels whilst also keeping us in touch with our spiritual selves. This massage, which does not entail undressing, is relaxing, refreshing and reviving. It stimulates your senses leaving you completely rejuvenated.

INDO HEAD MASSAGE (Pijat) is an accessible, convenient, therapeutic treatment which gives instant relief from tension and stress. It provides a number of health benefits, and it may help improve hair condition. This most pleasurable and therapeutic massage concentrates on the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension, inducing peace, tranquility and promoting high levels of alertness and concentration.

Stress undermines both physical and emotional health.
When a person is under prolonged stress, their body increases production of certain hormones which bring about marked changes in blood pressure, heart rate and metabolism. Long-term, this can be damaging and debilitating. They also become tense, bringing about change in posture. Because of this, many people suffer from a range of stress-related disorders, including:
Hair Loss, High Blood Pressure, Skin Disorders, Anxiety and Depression, Allergic Reactions, Muscle Tension, Lack Of Concentration, Infertility and Menstrual Problems and Digestive Disorders, e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Ulcer.

Stress can also have a detrimental affect on the immune system, predisposing people to coughs, colds and other diseases. The body, when in a constant state of alert (stress) inhibits it's own healing and tissue repair.

So where does Indo Head Massage come in as a Counterbalance To Stress? It can relieve muscular tension, aches and pains, Improves state of mind and promote feelings of well-being. Helps to relieve headaches and eyestrain, promotes higher concentration levels, brings about an increase in energy and efficiency through relaxation. An important part of Indo Head Massage is the balancing of the higher chakras (throat, brow, or third eye and crown) which helps to restore balance and harmony.

Martin Olenroot offers Indo Head Massages to individuals or groups at their place of business. See chart.

The Oxford School of Reflexology says:

Indo head massage is a technique of manipulating soft tissues in the shoulders and scalp. The therapist uses a range of different massage pressures and rhythms to stimulate the head and neck area. A typical massage lasts about 10 - 20 minutes.

Martin Olenroot has over 30 years experience in Indo-Head Massage. He recently obtained a certificate in Massage Techniques for Stress Reduction.



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